Exploring telepathy.

I was always intrigued by our human senses. What are they? Why do we have them? Is there any we can develop and grow? 
So I picked one, Telepathy.

I came up with the idea for Zener because a friend of mine asked me to participate in her Arttechfestival, So what makes this project different?

Zener is a telepathy game that works by giving two players a chance to compete against themselves by trying to read each other's minds. The rules are simple; player one selects one of the six cards laid in front of himself when he has done so. It is now the turn of player two to focus his mind and guess which of the six cards the other have chosen. The game alternate every six or 12 rounds. Dozen of couples, friends, and children participated in the experiment, but sadly none of them could reach the threshold of 4 wins per round when set at 12 chances.