Experience the sky.

(before Covid19)

Every year Billions of people crisscrossed the sky to reach their destinations. Even with the offer of on-board entertainment, looking through the window remains the most enjoyable moment of the trip. Helios was created to allow those who do not have access to the window’s seat to enjoy an amazing view of the sky around them.

Helios is the first airline-grade V.R. camera designed to give you a view of your surrounding like you’ve never seen before. This device allows every passenger to have a 360 degrees view of the sky surrounding the airplane while they get to their destination.

But Helios is more than just a hardware concept. It offers the first Augmented Reality sky map with live markers to show you stores located on your flight path; this app will give you the possibility to order from these stores and maybe even get the product delivered to your home before you reach it.

Experience it in 360 degrees.